30 March 2008

Blog is now bilingual

As you can see from the last post, this blog is now bilingual. (How do you say "post" in Spanish?)


Como se observa en el último post, este blog ya aparece en dos idiomas. (¿Cómo se dice "post" en español?)


  1. Creo que "post" es "entrada" (al menos en España)

  2. Yo a menudo uso "entrada", "nota", o "artículo de blog".

  3. In a recent article the Financial Times' Mexico Correspondent, Adam Thompson, suggested that the continuing violence of the drug cartels may be reaching a point where it could influence new foreign investment. He did not say we are there yet, but may be close. Do you any signs of this?


  4. When a horse is too old to move the farmer takes it out and shoots it rather than pay for its food. One wonders why the Government waited so long to put Luz y Fuerza out of its misery in the same way? According to SENER statistics LyF productivity was disastrous (719 kWh sold/worker vs 2400 kWh/worker for CFE) and its losses of 32 % (vs 11 % for CFE) were about the same as in Pakistan. (CFE and LyF losses also include theft of power.)