17 April 2009

New blogs (for me) on Middle Eastern politics

Concerned about news reports that tensions and perhaps violence are rising in Iraq, I've started identifying blogs that might help me monitor things there.

Juan Cole writes in breezy fashion, providing above all a useful news roundup that in recent days has focussed on human rights. (I say "in recent days" because I'm new to the blog so can't speak of its history.)

Of higher added value---that is, containing less news and more meaty analysis---is Marc Lynch's blog at Foreign Policy.

I'd appreciate help from readers in identifying good Spanish-language blogs on Middle Eastern affairs.

Preocupada por los aumentos en tensión y quizás también violencia en Irak reportados enlas noticias, he comenzado a identificar blogs que me puedan ayudar a monitorear la situación.

Juan Cole escribe de manera ligera, sobre todo apuntando a noticias de importancia y enfocándose, al menos en días recientes, en los derechos humanos. (Digo "en días recientes" porque descubrí el blog hace poco y no puedo hablar de su historia.)

De mayor valor agregado --es decir, con menor contenido de noticias y mayor contenido analítico substantivo-- es el blog de Marc Lynch en el sitio Foreign Policy.

Agradecería la ayuda de mis lectores para identificar buenos blogs sobre asuntos del Medio Oriente.


  1. Incredible that you'd be reading Juan Cole to get "useful news" about anything, let alone about human rights. He's been called "the historian who can't even get his own history straight." Here's one reason why. If anyone's a useless hack, he is. You should be ashamed.

  2. I know you won't put this up on your blog but here's some more on your latest heartthrob, Juan Cole: http://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/2009/01/stop-juan-cole.php

    Like I said, you should be ashamed of yourself.