19 March 2008

Obama's Philadelphia speech

This Slate version of Obama's March 18 Philadelphia speech contains the full text.

He has the courage and self-confidence to ask Americans to be nuanced.


  1. I get it. Obama Is our saviour. He will lead us out of the land of bondage to coarse and obvious interpretation and into the the land of subtle distinctions that matter. But Americans are dumb as a sack of bricks because they cannot or will not perceive the subtle distinctions you and Obama perceive. It takes courage and self-confidence to ask Americans to perceive these nuances because, being dumb, Americans may rise up and strike out blindly, like some stricken animal, thinking they have been offended when in fact they've only been asked to "be nuanced". And then Obama's campaign would be doomed. So he has the confidence it takes to get nuance-deprived Americans to perceive nuance and has the courage it takes to face up to the inevitable reaction when they strike back blindly, because they can't or won't perceive nuance. He is heroic on a Biblical scale (a saviour), if you look at it this way. Is this what you mean?

    It's a shame that all these Americans, without the ability to perceive nuance, vote. Should there be a "nuance perception test" for voting, like the literacy test we used to have? That would solve the problem, don't you think?

  2. I am thankful that the gospel according to the Rev. Wright has come to light. I mean, it's really not nice to talk about people behind their backs. So I'm glad I've finally learned what's being said about me in many Black churches. This might explain the extremely rude treatment I regularly receive from Blacks in casual encounters.

    With his hate speech, I believe the Rev. Wright set race relations back many years. It's too bad that he couldn't have been just a bit more nuanced.