23 January 2009

Blog roundup after three whole days

Felix Salmon: Nationalize Citigroup
Steve Waldman (hat tip: Felix Salmon): Why nationalize the banks, how to do it, how to manage them once nationalized, and how to reprivatize them

Krugman: Corporate bond spreads
Edward Hugh: Chinese GDP is probably contracting

Krugman: Why Spain is in trouble
Krugman: Why fiscal policy
Krugman: What's wrong with Good Bank Bad Bank
Buiter: Why nationalize the banks
Calculated Risk: What A2/P2 measures
Linda Bilmes via Alex Tabarrok: Fiscal stimulus will cause waste and fraud

Reuters: Citigroup not planning to sell Banamex (Hat tip to Felix Salmon. Although in his blog entry he erroneously refers to Banamex as a monopoly.)
Reuters (hat tip: Guillermo Parra-Bernal): Menor nota Cemex no afectaría reestructuración deuda
Guillermo Parra-Bernal: S&P cuts Vitro ratings
Justin Delacour: Lula cozies up to Chávez

John Jansen: MOF official says that $1.00 = 85 yen is BoJ threshhold
Brad Setser: Central bank portfolio rebalancing could help the pound (or not)

New (to me)
Good analysis on Europe: Fistful of Euros
Good tidbits of LatAm corporate news: Guillermo Parra-Bernal at Market Memorandum

Nationalize (and never EVER go away for three whole days).

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