03 August 2010

Financial Market Team update (English)

16:02 ET

DJIA: -0.36% to 10636.38 (Close)
S&P 500: -0.48% to 1120.46 (Close)
Mexico IPC: -0.15% to 32768.08 (Close)
Brazil Bovespa: -0.76% to 67997.36 (Close)
FTSE 100: -0.01% to 5396.48 (Close)
DAX: +0.25% to 6307.91 (Close)

Nikkei 225: +1.29% to 9694.01 (Close)
Hang Seng: +0.21% to 21457.66 (Close)

USD-EUR: 0.7557
USD-MXN: -0.0018% to 12.582
USD-JPY: -0.7428% to 85.857
EUR-USD: +0.3949% to 1.3232

EMBI+Mex: 140
Cetes 28d: +0.009% to 4.61%

Aug 02 Aug 03
Ted spread 28 27
T bill 3m 0.16 0.16
USD Libor 3m 0.44 0.43


US stocks fell and traded below yesterday's levels all day today on disappointing reports on home sales, factory orders, and consumer spending.

Bovespa, having advanced for 11 days straight (+9.9%), fell today after investors learned that industrial output had fallen in June by 1% from its May level.

European stocks changed little during the day. FTSE 100 fell by 0.01%, while the German DAX climbed 0.25%. DAX reached its highest level since April 26 despite the below-forecast results for U.S. home sales and factory orders.

Asian stocks rose after yesterday's better-than-expected reports on US manufacturing.

(FT, Bloomberg)


Oil prices continue to move up on news that a tropical depression was approaching the Gulf of Mexico. After having risen by 3% yesterday, the WTI forward-month oil contract again advanced, by 1%, to $82.38. This is its highest level since last May.

Wheat prices declined after Russia reported that not all crops had been lost in the recent drought and that export volumes would hold stable. Analysts, however, warn that if Russian producers meet their export quotas, domestic shortages may ensue. Calls for a pause in grain exports have grown louder. We will continue to monitor the Russian wheat situation.

(FT, Bloomberg)

Patrick Signoret and Georgina Lara

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