11 August 2010

Power and Policy Team Update (English)

U.S. Mid-term elections
Several states held primary elections. There was no clear trend in the results: incumbent candidates, candidates backed by party establishment, Tea Party candidates, outsiders, candidates endorsed by Obama...all kinds of candidates won. Read about the mixed results in the Washington Post. On the other hand, Politico says it was a good night for Democrats, because their big establishment candidates won, while the Republican's winning candidates were mostly outsiders who don't look strong for the general election (November 2).

In other election analysis, The Economist warns that the ethics trials of two senior Democrats could spell trouble for the party in November. Congressmembers Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters' districts are safely Democratic, but other districts are not.

Turkey: emergency security summit
Days before the upcoming referendum, Turkey’s Prime Minister convened an emergency security summit in response to information received by the government about plans to create chaos in 30 districts prior to the September 12th referendum. More about the summit and the events leading to it in this Sabah article.

Iraq’s new government
In its Weekly Geopolitical Update, Barclays discusses the absence of a new government in Iraq as the withdrawal of U.S. troops approaches. No alliances have been made, violence has risen, and relationships between Iraq and its neighbors are growing more and more tense.

Patrick Signoret and Isabel Gil

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