09 August 2010

Power and Policy Team Update (English)

UK budget cuts
Budget cuts in Great Britain, $130 billion over the next five years, have been labeled by a UK think tank as the “longest, deepest sustained period of cuts to public services spending since World War II.” (Hat tip: NYT.)

North Korea
Tensions escalated between North and South Korea as the North fired more than 100 rounds of artillery in response to war drills performed by the South last week. (Read about it in the LA Times.)

This LA Times article describes how China, Russia, India and Turkey are seizing opportunities in Iran and are undermining the sanctions imposed on Iran by the West. “Efforts by the United States and its European allies to build a united front to halt Iran's nuclear program are facing increasingly bold resistance from China, Russia, India and Turkey…”. Sanctions took effect on July 1st.

Patrick Signoret and Isabel Gil

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