12 August 2010

Power and Policy Team update (English) , 12 Aug 2010

Korea's monetary policy decision
The Bank of Korea maintained the Base Rate unchanged at 2.25%. A 25bp increase had been expected. (Read the BoK's statement.)

U.S. border security
U.S. Senators approved unanimously a new border security bill which gives the federal administration 600 million dollars which will allow, among other things, to send 1,500 more troops to the southern border. According to this article published by the La Times, lawmakers think that securing the border is the first step to a more comprehensive immigration reform.

Israel and Iran
According to this month’s Atlantic Monthly magazine there is a 50 percent probability that Israel will attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear program by next summer. However, according to The Christian Science Monitor, these allegations are only rhetorical games to pressure Obama to attack Iran.

Patrick Signoret and Isabel Gil

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